The atmosphere Super High Vision Experience

You wish to create a state of the art media installation, an audio visual experience that will mesmerize your customers. atmosphere provides the most innovative and unique filming technology available on the market today. Our technical know-how and our unique production skills guaranty that your vision will become reality.

With atmosphere Super High Vision films you are not only watching a scene, you are part of every moment. The picture is richer, sharper and for most livelier and more true to live than ever before.

ISE 2016 in Amsterdam

The first films with the new atmosphere MultiCamArray were presented at the 2016 ISE in Amsterdam. Attendees were unanimous in saying that this was the best presentation at the show and the highest quality content they had ever experienced.

The atmosphere Super High Vision MultiCamArray

atmosphere media GmbH has developed the first Super High Vision MultiCamArray allowing filming in unprecedented quality without any parallax issues. This unique MultiCamArray was build in close co-operation with the Lang AG. The actual 3 RED Dragon cameras model has a resolution of 9.000 x 6.000 Pixels (26 times HD).

Unique Mirror Rig with No Parallax Issues

The mirror rig has been conceived to allow filming without any parallax issues. Live stitching allows exact camera set-up for every scene.

The mirror rig’s design is engineered to be adaptable to any film format. Additional rigs are already in development and atmosphere media will soon be able to offer productions formats with 18K / 180° and even 36K / 360° models. The MultiCamArrays are equipped with RED Dragon 6K-Cameras.

Super High Vision, the Next Level for High End Media Installations and Showrooms.

The atmosphere MultiCamArray is the answer to the growing demand for Super High Vision contentfor high-end media installations in the hospitality, automotive and entertainment industries, as well as for show rooms, major events and trade shows. Today, modern projection, video wall or LED presentation technologies allow virtually any desired format in any desired resolution. atmosphere media as a leading producer and pioneer in the SHV area brings with the atmosphere MultiCamArray the ultimate tool to serve the industry with incomparable filming quality and resolutions as well as fully customizable formats.

Customized Super High Vision Content & Media Installation

atmosphere has the production know-how and tools to realize media projects in Super High Vision – beyond 4K resolution. The capability to provide consulting, planning to completion services gives credence to our ability to realize any SHV media project in an efficient and cost effective way. In-house production, software programming, 3D visualization and media gears manufacturing provides assurance that we are capable of realizing the concept being developed.

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